About Us

Two Fit Moms is a joint collaboration between Laura and Masumi, two 37-year old mothers with the common goal of staying healthy and fit. With yoga and nutrition, Laura and Masumi have discovered that they CAN turn back the hands of time and be strong, fit and healthy at any age. As long-time friends (Laura and Masumi met as Freshmen in high school), it has always been a dream to start a business together. Through yoga, Laura and Masumi have found the common thread to make this dream a reality. Together, they attended yoga teacher training to become certified instructors, and they currently offer weekly, affordable classes, occasional workshops, and a series of downloadable yoga classes.  In addition to representing their own wellness brand, Laura and Masumi are also spokespeople for Gaiam, Inc.

Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora) began her yoga journey 17 years ago as an addition to her already existing exercise routine. Her interest in yoga has steadily grown throughout the years, and has now developed into a daily practice. Yoga wasn’t a huge step into the unknown, as she has a background in gymnastics and cheerleading. Involving her family is a key focus to her yoga practice. Laura loves being able to connect with her husband and teach her kids new poses. Within the past year, Laura has taken her practice from the privacy of her own living room to the public arena of Instagram. By posting inspirational photos of her signature inversions and advanced postures, she has built a loyal Instagram following of over 1 million fans.

Masumi Goldman (@masumi_g) is a former Wall Street analyst and MIT graduate who understands the toll that a stressful environment can take on the body. She discovered that yoga, along with a proper fitness and nutrition plan, can reverse the ill effects of a stressful, unbalanced life. Masumi was inspired to begin practicing yoga after being diagnosed with a painful autoimmune disease that often left her immobile. As a mother of two young children, being immobile was not an option. Along with a macrobiotic diet, Masumi used yoga to heal and rehabilitate parts of her body that lost flexibility after months of inflammation and chronic pain. Today, Masumi practices yoga regularly as part of her healing plan and shares her journey each day with over 125,000 Instagram followers in the hopes of inspiring others to lead a healthy life that includes a frequent yoga practice.

Introducing the newest member of the Two Fit Moms team:

Kate Alexander is responsible for all things related to marketing and branding of Two Fit Moms.  Throughout her 15-year career in public relations, Kate has led award-winning global campaigns across the corporate, financial services and media sectors.  She is known for her work with clients such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Capital One, AIG, American Express, Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. Other roles she plays are wife and mom to three young children.  In her spare time, Kate is a contributor of articles on nutrition and wellness on our website. Kate has been practicing yoga since 2006, when she was pregnant with her first child.

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