February 15, 2014 | by Laura Kasperzak
Baddha Hasta Sirsasana B

Baddha Hasta Sirsasana B is probably my favorite headstand variation.  “Baddha Hasta” refers to the bound hand position which is the base for this variation. With ANY headstand, be mindful and be extremely aware of your body and its position. Headstands can be fun and exhilarating when practiced with caution. There should never be any rush…the asana will come with patience and diligence. Remember to use a wall if needed!

Step 1: Get a grip!

Start by sitting on your heels. Extend your arms out, bend the elbows and loosely grab the opposite forearm by the elbow.

Photo Feb 15, 2 26 11 PM

Step 2: Set yourself up

Keeping the grip on opposite arms, place your forearms down onto your mat and curl your toes under. Place the crown of your head down right in front of your forearms. Start to press your forearms firmly down into your mat as you draw your shoulders down to lengthen your neck. No turtles allowed!

Remember to use a wall if needed!

Photo Feb 15, 2 26 25 PM

Photo Feb 15, 2 26 37 PM

Step 3: Dolphin

Keeping pressure in your forearms and neck long, slowly lift up off of your knees and walk the feet in towards your head. The goal is to get the hips stacking over your shoulders. Resist the urge to dump into your neck as weight is added onto your arms, shoulders and head. Stay here and hold for 5-8 breaths. Come down and rest in Child’s Pose before moving on.

Photo Feb 15, 2 26 49 PM

Step 4: One step at a time

When you’re ready to move on, come back into Dolphin. Slowly bend one knee into your chest, then place it back down onto your mat. Repeat with the other knee. Come down and rest in Child’s Pose before moving on.

Photo Feb 15, 2 27 01 PM

Step 5: Headstand egg

From Dolphin, bend one knee tight into your chest. Using your core and maybe the tiniest push off, bring the second leg into your chest. I do not suggest kicking up with straight legs. Move slowly and with awareness to prevent any injuries to your neck. Once both legs are tucked into your chest, do a little check… Are you firmly pushing into your mat with your forearms? Are your shoulders melting away from your neck? Is your core engaged?

Photo Feb 15, 2 27 13 PM

Step 6: Lift off!

When you are ready to lift up, try lifting one leg at a time SLOWLY. The quicker you move, the more likely you are to fall, lose balance or tweak your neck. If you successfully lift one leg up, THEN try to bring the second leg up to meet the first. Keep the legs engaged by flointing or pointing the toes. Stay here and breathe…

Photo Feb 15, 2 27 25 PM

Photo Feb 15, 2 27 36 PM

Slowly come down and take a Child’s Pose.

Remember, this is a more advanced headstand variation! If you do not get it this time around, no worries! Your yoga journey is your own… There is no timetable to your practice. Have patience and keep practicing.


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  • I just did this without the wall yesterday..thanks a lot :) finally doing it without the wall was amazing..I’ve been practicing everyday for two weeks following your instructions,lifting one leg at a time helped a lot.. Its just so great finally doing it I had to say thank because your tips and instructions helped me do it..I am trying out other handstand & headstand variations but I think this will always be my favourite.

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